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We are a specialist project management consultancy supporting clients in the successful delivery of their projects, focusing on achieving the most sustainable construction solutions.

Through experience and knowledge, we ensure that the right people are employed on your project, from architects, engineers and other consultants to develop the design, to contractors and suppliers for the construction phase. The end goal is always to deliver the most sustainable buildings possible within budget, minimising environmental impacts both during the build process and subsequently in operation.

As winners of the 2015 Building Futures Award for the Most Sustainable Construction Project, we have proven that building sustainably or achieving zero energy are neither difficult or prohibitively costly or at the expense of design and quality, as noted in the Award Judges Report

We are driven by passionate commitment to the environment through using modern construction methods and technology, to help phase out the use of traditional high embodied carbon materials and techniques, which haven’t changed much in the last 100 years.

Director Colin Heal (MCIOB, MAPM) has more than 20  years’ project management experience, working for both commercial and public sector clients, contractors and private individuals, successfully delivering projects from the one-off houses to the very large, multi million pound schemes across most sectors of the construction industry.

Following the general withdrawal of support from the Government, sustainably in constructing building now falls to the environmentally aware and responsible property owners to minimise the impacts of their projects.

While material selection is important when assessing embodied carbon in a building’s construction, a significant reduction in carbon intense energy use is critical.  This is generally achieved by incorporating the use of high levels of insulation, air tightness and whole house ventilation systems into the design, which result in very little energy being required, while achieving exceptional levels of internal comfort and consistent internal year round temperatures, resulting in conventional central heating systems being obsolete.

There are several design standards that meet these objectives, Passive House is considered the gold standard.  While these design standards can be applied to commercial, industrial and public buildings, they are most commonly used for new build housing.  A separate set of related standards apply to housing refurbishment projects.  We are involved in a number of Passive House new build schemes as interest in this type of construction has increased in recent years.

ZEHo Projects will help you achieve the best from your development, providing flexible project management support, tailored to suit individual requirements.  Our services can include initial project advice, due diligence, part or full project management of part a scheme and contract administration.

Project Management Services

Traditional project management services such as:

  • Establishment of client requirements
  • Preparation of a project brief and regular monitoring throughout the works
  • Procurement and management of the design team and other consultants
  • Preparation and monitoring of the overall project budget and programme
  • Reviewing design and Planning progress with the client and obtaining their approval at agreed key stages
  • Overseeing construction cost preparation and updating
  • Project monitoring and reporting
  • Managing contractor procurement and appointment
  • Advising clients of statutory health & safety requirements
  • Identification of project risks and opportunities
  • Contract administration
  • Change control

Project Advice and Reviews

One-off project advice and reviews can include for example:

  • free initial advice on a potential project, including identifying possible sustainability opportunities, or
  • a feasibility study for a proposed scheme considering all the key elements of the project to help determine viability, or
  • a status report or health check for a project that is underway –

The latter would be a light touch ‘due diligence’ review of the project to ensure that what is being proposed is in line with the client’s requirements and that best value is being obtained, through efficient design and specification and the tender documents if available.

Reviews can also be undertaken once a contractor is on site to review programme, progress and performance, to ensure that works are being carried out in accordance with the contract and that costs for any additional works are being valued correctly.


If you would like us to contact you with regard to your project, please email info@zeho.co.uk or call 07976 360113